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01692 402581

Enrich Learning Trust celebrates the proud and individual identities of member schools, providing bespoke support and challenge to strive for the best outcomes for all children, developing and nurturing the whole child, creating a purposeful and happy family of schools.

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General Enquiries Office/Reception
Phone: 01692 402581
Email: office@nwhs.uk
SENDCO: Mrs J. Leaver leaverj@nwhs.uk

Phone: 01692 400082
Email: absence@nwhs.uk

Senior Leadership Team
Headteacher: Mr J. Gosden gosdenj@nwhs.uk 
Deputy Headteacher: Miss S. Franklin franklins@nwhs.uk
Assistant Headteacher (responsible for pupil development including behaviour): Mr J. Phipps phippsj@nwhs.uk
Assistant Headteacher (responsible for teaching and learning): Mrs L. Gatward gatwardl@nwhs.uk

Mrs J. Leaver - leaverj@nwhs.uk

Achievement Leaders
Year 7: Mrs S. Lee - lees@nwhs.uk
Years 8 and 9: Mr J. Whitton - whittonj@nwhs.uk
Year 10: Mr T. Kaznowski - kaznowskit@nwhs.uk
Year 11: Mrs E. McNamara - mcnamarae@nwhs.uk 

Year Group Enquiries
Year 7: Miss C. Edwards edwardsc@nwhs.uk
Year 8 and 9: Miss J. Smith smithj@nwhs.uk
Year 10 and 11: Mrs K. Cushing cushingk@nwhs.uk, Miss J. Watson watsonj@nwhs.uk
Lead for Pupil Development: Miss R. Gardiner gardinerr@nwhs.uk

Welfare Officer
Mrs A. Sales salesa@nwhs.uk

Mr R. Dixon (Head of Department) dixonr@nwhs.uk
Miss R. Williamson williamsonr@nwhs.uk
Mrs L. Stubbings stubbingsl@nwhs.uk
Miss R. Chubbock chubbockr@nwhs.uk
Mrs H. Lincoln lincolnh@nwhs.uk
Mrs H. Caley caleyh@nwhs.uk

Mr P. Leaver (Head of Department) leaverp@nwhs.uk
Mrs S. Mathewson mathewsons@nwhs.uk
Mrs S. Lee lees@nwhs.uk
Miss C. Goodson goodsonc@nwhs.uk
Mrs E. McNamara mcnamarae@nwhs.uk

Mr D. Goodman (Head of Department) goodmand@nwhs.uk
Mr A. Scanlon scanlona@nwhs.uk
Mr D. Kiff kiffd@nwhs.uk
Miss E. Macleod macleode@nwhs.uk
Dr T. Schrem schremt@nwhs.uk

Mrs L. Hunter (Head of Department) hunterl@nwhs.uk
Mrs C. Rose rosec@nwhs.uk
Mrs R. Westgarth westgarthb@nwhs.uk
Mr S. Dack dacksc@nwhs.uk

Modern Foreign Languages
Mrs S. Gerrard (Head of Department) gerrards@nwhs.uk
Mr J. Whitton whittonj@nwhs.uk

Computer Science and Business Studies
Dr J. Frimpong (Lead) frimpongj@nwhs.uk

Design Technology
Miss N. Hassall (Head of Department) hassalln@nwhs.uk
Mrs L. Othon othonl@nwhs.uk
Mrs K. Trenavin-Body trenavin-bodyk@nwhs.uk
Mr M. Bunn bunnm@nwhs.uk

Mr J. Tubb (Head of Department) tubbj@nwhs.uk
Miss R. Briggs briggsr@nwhs.uk
Miss E. Macleod macleode@nwhs.uk
Mr C. MacFarlane macfarlanec@nwhs.uk
Mrs J. Leaver leaverj@nwhs.uk

Performing Arts
Mrs S. Evans (Lead of Creative Arts) whites@nwhs.uk
Mr T. Kaznowski kaznowskit@nwhs.uk