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Business Studies

The vision of the Business Department at North Walsham High School is to provide quality education in Business Studies to prepare our students to either pursue various courses in Business after GCSE or develop useful Business skills needed for various career choices. The curriculum is grounded in the fundamental principles of Business and prepares our students to apply these principles creatively, responsibly, and independently. The Department will utilize available resources and teaching principles to impart state-of-the-art Business knowledge, develop students’ verbal and written communication skills and instil a desire to pursue lifelong learning in Business- related subjects.

Year 10

Term Business Studies Curriculum Overview
Half term 1 (7 weeks)  Business in the Real World
Half term 2 (7.5 weeks)  Business in the Real World & Influences on Business
Half term 3 (6 weeks)  Influences on Business
Half term 4 (5.5 weeks)  Influences on Business & Business operations
Half term 5 (5 weeks)  Business operations & Human Resources
Half term 6 (7.5 weeks)  Marketing

Year 11

Term Business Studies Curriculum Overview
Half term 1 (7 weeks)  
Half term 2 (7.5 weeks)  
Half term 3 (6 weeks)  
Half term 4 (5.5 weeks)  
Half term 5 (5 weeks)  
Half term 6 (7.5 weeks)