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Home Learning

We do home learning here

It is proven that setting homework has a positive impact on average (+ 5 months), particularly with pupils in secondary schools. (Homework | EEF (educationendowmentfoundation.org.uk)) 

The learning strategies ‘Retrieval Practice’ and ‘Spacing’ have been scientifically proven in many studies to be far more effective than others at having the highest impact on learning. Therefore, these techniques have been chosen at North Walsham High School to be embedded in lessons and in home learning. Please watch the video below for a brief, but more detailed explanation of these strategies and how you can support your child to maximise them.  

All Retrieval Practice should be done from memory initially, with students then correcting their work from their knowledge organiser, and evaluating their work against this ‘correct’ answer. For maximum effectiveness, we space this practice over time so that it is repeated. An excellent example of a completed NWHS home learning task is below.

Students spend time in their tutor programme learning how to maximise their learning, including understanding how retrieval practice works, to ensure they engage with their home learning effectively.  

What excellent home learning looks like at NWHS

Why is this example excellent? 

  • The student has attempted every section of the task from memory 
  • The have used green pen to check their answers for correctness and to address any errors 
  • In each box, their answers become more complex/detailed - they get better as the task goes on due to them correcting their work each time 

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Our intention is to make home learning really straight forward to enable pupils to succeed in all of their subjects away from the support of their teachers. By using knowledge organisers at KS3, pupils will be able to use the various provided methods of revision in the home learning booklets and recall to learn the core content for each of their subjects outlined on the knowledge organisers. Pupils will be provided with a knowledge organiser booklet and a blank home learning booklet for each term, and set each task in the home learning booklet every fortnight by their subject teachers. Students will also be set one piece of home learning per subject per half term, that is separate to the booklets, which is specific to each subject. 

Students should carry their knowledge organiser and home learning booklets in the provided plastic wallet to protect them from damage and it should be brought to school every day. The students will receive new knowledge organiser and home learning booklets every term. They should keep all old booklets safe for revision purposes.

In year 10 and 11, knowledge organiser booklets are provided and each subject area sets individually designed tasks. Students also receive guidance through assemblies, tutor time and the CEAIG and PSHE curriculums on the best ways to revise using their knowledge organisers. 

All home learning will be written by students in their planners, and also added online for parents to view on My Child at School, and students via their Student Portal.
Please note - the following subjects will be using online platforms for home learning in place of the KS3 booklets: Maths (Sparx), PE (Everlearner) and Science (Carousel).

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