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Parent and Carer

This section has been designed to help parents/carers find information about careers and options available.

Careers Programme

This outlines the career programme in place at NWHS from Year 7 – Year 11. Please click here for more information.

Help you Choose (Yr 8/9 Subject choices, Work Experience and/or Post 16 Options)

Here at NWHS we would encourage both students and parents/careers to explore this site to help in making future plans as it has a wealth of information advice and guidance that can be used by all.

It is also a very useful resource for parents/careers as it provides lots of information to help support you in understanding subject choices at yr 8/9, work experience and choices at 16. 


Work Experience

You can find lots of information on the Work Experience section on here.

Plus you can find out information on the help you choose website at https://helpyouchoose.org/content/parents/ 


Labour Market Information

This gives information about the local labour market in Norfolk. This will be useful in understanding about the job market and trends in the area when thinking about future employment and study options. Find more information here.

How could you get involved?


As a school, we need to continuously evaluate the effectiveness of careers education and our careers programme taking in to account the views of parents/carers. This feedback is then used to help us to make informed decisions about the future development of careers education and our careers programme. 


Please complete this short survey to give us feedback about careers education at NWHS here. Alternatively, you can email any feedback to lawnk@nwhs.uk