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The Role of the Governors

The Governors, who are all volunteers, are responsible for the management of the School. We promote high standards and aim to provide all our students with an outstanding education in a supportive environment.

Headteacher, Neil Powell, runs the School on a day to day basis but we hold him to account for the School’s Performance through critical challenge and support. We have many other statutory duties including the budget, pay and the School’s ethos, aims and values.

Some Governors are elected by Parents and Staff, whilst others are nominated by the County Council or invited to join because of their specialist skills and/or links into the Community we serve. Our backgrounds include education, business and the public and voluntary sectors.

The Governors meet together at least once a term. Most of our work is done in committees and by visits to discuss specific aspects of the School’s work.

If you wish to contact the Governors, you can do so by calling the Clerk on 01692 402581.

Click here for a List of Governors roles.

Governors Declarations

Governing Board Members details

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