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Reporting an absence - 01692 400082 or email

Please find below the draft policy for our home/school communication.  This policy is in draft form because it is awaiting approval but is not likely to change.  Also on this page are all the contact details for each teacher in school.

The best and first form of discussion should be with the teacher who teaches your child, their form tutor or the Student Support Leader.  If that does not provide a clear solution then this should be escalated to the Departmental Leader or the Director of Learning.  If this does not elicit the correct response then the next stage is with the SLT link for the subject: finally it’s with me.

If your concern is about outcomes and progress generally then my Deputy Head for Outcomes, Ms Ghafoor is your first port of call.  If your concern is one of Teaching, Learning and Assessment then your enquiry should be directed to Ms Waters. SEND issues should be targeted immediately to Mrs Leaver.

The rule that I want all my staff to adhere to, is that if you should make an e-mail approach to any teacher or member of staff that you want to discuss something with, they should call you back within 48 hours (2 working days), or give you an e-mail response in 72 hours (3 days) or meet with you within 90 hours (5 working days).  If this does not happen then please escalate your concern to the next level.

When you e-mail a member of staff please ensure that you copy in the person who is next in the communication line (so if you are speaking to a teacher make sure you copy in the head of department too).  To help you I am putting a list of all staff and e-mail addresses below including their  job titles.

Staff Contact Details

If you call into reception by phone then our receptionist will do the same when she requests the member of staff for a return of correspondence.  I do genuinely suggest you put all your requests on e-mail in the first instance.

Home and School Communication Policy

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