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Year 7


English Curriculum Overview

Half term 1 (7 weeks) Journeys
Half term 2 (7.5 weeks) Boy in Striped Pyjamas
Half term 3 (6 weeks) Myths and legends
Half term 4 (5.5 weeks) Shakespeare
Half term 5 (5 weeks) Gothic
Half term 6 (7.5 weeks) War Poetry

Year 8


English Curriculum Overview

Half term 1 (7 weeks) Survival (non-fiction)
Half term 2 (7.5 weeks) Romeo and Juliet
Half term 3 (6 weeks) Descriptive Writing
Half term 4 (5.5 weeks) Curious Incident of the dog in the night-time
Half term 5 (5 weeks) Other Cultures Poetry
Half term 6 (7.5 weeks) Media

Year 9


English Curriculum Overview

Half term 1 (7 weeks) Crime and Punishment (non-fiction)
Half term 2 (7.5 weeks) Of Mice and Men
Half term 3 (6 weeks) Heroes and Villains
Half term 4 (5.5 weeks) Lord of the Flies
Half term 5 (5 weeks) Unseen Poetry Skills
Half term 6 (7.5 weeks) Macbeth

Year 10


English Curriculum Overview

Half term 1 (7 weeks) Language Paper 1
Half term 2 (7.5 weeks) A Christmas Carol
Half term 3 (6 weeks) An Inspector Calls
Half term 4 (5.5 weeks) Language Paper 2
Half term 5 (5 weeks) Anthology Poetry
Half term 6 (7.5 weeks)  

 Year 11


English Curriculum Overview

Half term 1 (7 weeks) Macbeth
Half term 2 (7.5 weeks) Language Paper 1 and 2 skills
Half term 3 (6 weeks) Literature Revision
Half term 4 (5.5 weeks) Literature exam preparation
Half term 5 (5 weeks) Revision and exam practice
Half term 6 (7.5 weeks)  



OpenEvening2 202021


This Autumn we are unable to hold a traditional Open Evening event. However, to aid prospective pupils and their families get to know our school we have created the following:

  1. A dedicated webpage sharing information with parents https://www.nwhs.uk/home/openevening

  2. Videos depicting school life. These will be released over the coming weeks

  3. We will be opening our doors for socially distanced tours. These take place on the following dates and times:

    1. Monday 12th October – Thursday 15th October: 4pm-7pm

    2. Monday 19th October – Thursday 22nd October: 4pm-7pm

    3. Friday 23rd October: 9am-4pm

To book a tour please visit Eventbrite: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/north-walsham-high-school-open-evening-tours-2020-tickets-123621775057 

We know choosing a secondary school is an incredibly important decision and we hope what we have created allows you to make an informed choice.

If you have any questions, please do get in contact.

Mr James Gosden