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Enhanced Curriculum


An enhanced curriculum programme is important for a student’s personal and academic development. We provide a rich and varied programme through providing a vast range of opportunities extending well beyond the national curriculum. This enable students to enjoy new experiences and consolidate their timetabled learning through exciting prospects in and outside the classroom.

Year Pledges

At NWHS we set each year a pledge in order to develop new skills and open new possibilities:

  • Year 7 – every student has the chance to learn a musical instrument of some sort;
  • Year 8 – every student will take part in a drama performance and attend a theatre experience
  • Year 9 – all students will undertake the Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award
  • Year 10 – will take part the World of Work Bronze STEM award
  • Years 10 and 11 – there will be an opportunity for students who wish to take the Duke of Edinburgh Silver award

NWHS Pupil Pledges

Over the five years at NWHS, pupils will complete the NWHS pupil pledges. These 10 pledges look to develop a student academically, physically, technologically and socially. In order to reach their full potential, the enhanced curriculum programme allows the student…

1. To regularly attend an after-school activity

2. To represent the school at a sporting, cultural or academic event.

3. To take part in an outward bound residential programme

4. To attend a national sporting or cultural event, or a performance at a major venue

5. To take part in, or support, a major school production or event.

6. To take part in a formal presentation to an audience using ICT/multimedia

7. To be actively involved in an international experience

8. To be actively involved in a community experience

9. To help plan, organise or take part in a major fund raising event

10. To contribute to the development of the concept of sustainability

As well as the pledges, our enhanced curriculum includes many after school and lunch time clubs, click on the clubs link on the side of the page to get more information about what clubs we offer.

During the summer term, we also still run our Activities Week. This week has run for over 50 years and embodies our enhanced curriculum as it provides the chance to explore skills in practical environments both in school, on day trips and internationally. For more information click on the ‘Activities Week’ link on the side of the page.