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Enhanced Curriculum


Students are provided with opportunities to add depth to their learning and develop personal skills through a rich and varied enrichment programme. Students will have the chance to enjoy new experiences and consolidate their timetabled learning through this programme.

It is our plan to ensure that:

  • Every Year 7 has the chance to learn a musical instrument of some sort;
  • Every Year 8 will take part in a drama performance and attend a theatre experience
  • All Year 9’s will undertake the Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award
  • From 2019 all Year 10s will take part the World of Work Bronze STEM award.
  • There will be an opportunity for those students who wish to take the Duke of Edinburgh Silver award in Years 10 and 11
  • Throughout the five years students are with us (commencing in Summer 2018) they will undertake the NWHS pledges: 1. To regularly attend an after-school activity 2. To represent the school at a sporting, cultural or academic event. 3. To take part in an outward bound residential programme 4. To attend a national sporting or cultural event, or a performance at a major venue 5. To take part in, or support, a major school production or event. 6. To take part in a formal presentation to an audience using ICT/multimedia 7. To be actively involved in an international experience 8. To be actively involved in a community experience 9. To help plan, organise or take part in a major fund raising event 10. To contribute to the development of the concept of sustainability
  • We run an extensive number of after school clubs from Gardening to Science; Homework to Warhammer. We are always looking to start new clubs and are happy that children are heavily involved not only in taking part but in running them too
  • We have a large number of trips that regularly go out including –the history castles trip, Kip on a Ship on HMS Belfast, The Geography trip to Italy/Iceland to name but a few.
  • We still run Activities Week just before the timetable changes and this week has a whole variety of enhanced curriculum opportunities for every child in school.

At North Walsham High School we run lots of extra-curricular activities that students can join in with. Some of these are in Lunch times and some after school.

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