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Enrich Learning Trust celebrates the proud and individual identities of member schools, providing bespoke support and challenge to strive for the best outcomes for all children, developing and nurturing the whole child, creating a purposeful and happy family of schools.

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The North Walsham High School MFL department is committed to broadening pupils’ cultural capital, understanding and appreciation of the world and developing strong, long-life linguistic skills and knowledge. Along with learning new topics, reinforcing knowledge in every lesson is the key to successfully learning an additional language: we give pupils plenty of opportunity to practice and therefore remember key vocabulary and grammar structures. This is the first step towards our ultimate aim - becoming independent as a language learner and creative and confident with the target language.

Year 7

Term French Curriculum Overview
Half term 1 (7 weeks)

Establishing routines, introductions, numbers, days of the week, birthdays, opinions, hobbies, animals, colours

Half term 2 (7.5 weeks)

Family Opinions, describing yourself and others - looks and personality, celebrations (Xmas)

Half term 3 (6 weeks)

Sports/activities, hobbies including technology, food and opinions

Half term 4 (5.5 weeks)

Where you live (local area), countries and nationalities, weather, food and drink

Half term 5 (5 weeks)

Places in town, asking for directions, activities in town, arranging to meet someone

Half term 6 (7.5 weeks)

School subjects, how to agree/disagree when giving opinions, telling the time, school routines and timetables

Year 8

Term French Curriculum Overview
Half term 1 (7 weeks)

TV programmes/films and opinions, books, online activities

Half term 2 (7.5 weeks) Relationships with others, recent activities (in the past), clothing
Half term 3 (6 weeks) Paris - landmarks (cultural knowledge), activities, past activities in Paris, transport
Half term 4 (5.5 weeks) Daily routine, holidays

Half term 5 (5 weeks) Where I live, description of houses (rooms etc), food, celebrations (carnivals in France, Easter etc)
Half term 6 (7.5 weeks) Future aspirations and plans

Year 9

Term French Curriculum Overview
Half term 1 (7 weeks) Revision of relationships and description of people, revision of perfect and future tenses

Half term 2 (7.5 weeks) Injuries, healthy lifestyles, future resolutions to become/stay healthy
Half term 3 (6 weeks) Holidays - where you go, with whom, activities, past holidays, dream holidays
Half term 4 (5.5 weeks) Personal values, international issues, climate change
Half term 5 (5 weeks) Revision of school, opinions on subjects, school buildings, uniform etc
Half term 6 (7.5 weeks) Jobs and using languages in the future

Year 10

Term French Curriculum Overview
Half term 1 (7 weeks) Revision of relationships and friendships, revision of perfect, imperfect and future tenses
Half term 2 (7.5 weeks) Revision of local area, weather, understanding information about tourist attractions, future living plans
Half term 3 (6 weeks) Revision of school subjects, comparison of UK and French school systems, school rules, future study plans
Half term 4 (5.5 weeks) Careers, part-time jobs, work experience
Half term 5 (5 weeks) Environmental issues, volunteer and charity work
Half term 6 (7.5 weeks) Grammar revision, introduction of literary texts, negatives, tenses, listening skills

Year 11

Term French Curriculum Overview
Half term 1 (7 weeks) Daily routine, visiting a restaurant, customs and festivals, traditions (English and French)
Half term 2 (7.5 weeks) Revision of holidays in all tenses studied so far, locations, activities, booking hotels and transport, ordering food
Half term 3 (6 weeks) Leisure and free time - revision of sports, television, reading, films, books in all tenses covered so far
Half term 4 (5.5 weeks) Revision of vocabulary for all themes; preparation and undertaking of speaking assessment
Half term 5 (5 weeks) Past paper practice and grammar revision
Half term 6 (7.5 weeks) Past paper practice and grammar revision