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SMSC Vision Statement

At NWHS, we ensure that our pupils are fully prepared for life both in and outside of school. We recognise that all students need to develop spiritually, morally, socially and culturally. This development allows them to make sense of their world and our curriculum helps develop an informed and balanced view on world events, beliefs and values of others.

In lessons students have opportunities to explore their values and the values of others. Our broad and balanced curriculum holds at its heart fundamental British Values which promotes respect and tolerance of all faiths, respect of law and rules and the belief in liberty and freedom for all people. We actively promote through extra-curricular activities the role of democracy and the importance of active citizenship.

We promote SMSC in the following ways:


This relates to the quest for individual identity and the search for meaning and purpose in our existence. It leads towards the understanding of self and others. It has to do with feelings, emotions, attitudes and beliefs. It is not linked solely to a particular doctrine or faith and spiritual development is therefore accessible to everyone. At NWHS this may be done through:

  • Exploring different beliefs & faiths.
  • Studying the concept of identity in literature and art.
  • Allowing time for personal reflection.


Students are encouraged to understand the need for a common code and to follow it from conviction rather than because of sanctions or consequences. At NWHS we work towards an understanding of what is right and wrong. From this basis students may develop the ability to make judgements and to become increasingly responsible for their own actions or and behaviour. At NWHS this may be done through:

  • Asking and answering moral questions.
  • Studying texts and exploring moral dilemmas that characters face.
  • Using thought for the week to explore big questions in a collaborative way.


This enables students to become conscientious participants in their family, class, school, the local and wider community. Within this there should be a balance of the positive, satisfying elements of belonging to a group or society along with the demands, obligations and cooperation such membership requires. At NWHS this may be done through:

  • Collaborative learning.
  • Raising awareness of social media and how to use it critically.
  • Developing our oracy skills through student led presentations and class discussions.
  • NW pledges


At the heart of cultural development lies the necessity to develop a sense of personal identity, whilst at the same time acquiring awareness, understanding and tolerance regarding the cultural traditions and beliefs of others. At NWHS this may be done through:

  • Inclusion of photographs, artefacts and music from other cultures.
  • Being part of a pastoral system which is linked to other countries and continents.
  • Fostering strong European links with partner schools through language classes and extra-curricular activities.