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Sports Kits

Boy’s Sports kit

Black NWHS Shorts, Sky Blue NWHS Polo shirt, Black NWHS Football Socks, Short White Ankle Socks, Gold/Black NWHS Multi-Sports Top, Indoor Trainers, Football Boots, Shin Pads, Gum Shield.

Girl’s Sports kit

Sky Blue NWHS Polo Shirt, Black NWHS Shorts, Black NWHS Hockey Socks, Short White Ankle Socks, Indoor Trainers, Shin Pads.

In addition, students may wear Black NWHS Tracksuit Bottoms and the Black Fleece Top with the NWHS Logo.

No other clothing is acceptable. Kit must be taken to every PE lesson as it is required uniform for this lesson. If injured, kit should be brought to school and worn during the lesson and a note must be given to the teacher. Failure to comply with kit or participation (without a note from parents/carers) will result in a faculty detention. The PE department will provide clean kit, to be worn by any student who forgets to bring their kit.