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91 North Walsham High School sleep out for Duke of Edinburgh Award

Posted on: 19th June 2018

This past year, North Walsham High School Year 9 students have been taking part in the Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award. This is the first time North Walsham High School has run this programme for a whole year group and it makes up part of our school pledges.

Students have been working towards their award by volunteering within the local community and gaining their skills in their own time.

Last week, 91 students had three training days for their practice expedition. Over the first two days, students took part in several sessions to gain the skills needed. These sessions consisted of First Aid, Tents & Rucksacks, Expedition Food & Cooking Safety and Maps & Writing Route cards.

They also took part in team building exercises, these were mostly sports based and allowed the students to interact with others that they might not normally.

On Tuesday evening, all 91 students took part in a sleep out on the school field. Students were able to use the skills they had learnt to put up tents, cook their evening meal and practice for their expedition.

The next day students were then able to use their map reading skills on an unsupervised walk to Bacton Woods and back again. They rose to the challenge remarkably well and all learnt a lot from the experience.

We are so proud of our students and the journey they are travelling to gain their Bronze Award. The Duke of Edinburgh scheme is fantastic for gaining new skills, confidence and aspirations.

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