Italy Trip 2016

Posted on: 3rd November 2016

Over half term, 42 year 11 students from North Walsham High School took off on a trip of a lifetime, flying out to the south of Italy on a Humanities trip to find out more about the historical city of Pompeii and the grand Mount Vesuvius, which at the top you could see out to the beautiful Naples and other magnificent place
s we visited. Over the week everyone’s excitement grew larger and larger and at the end no one wanted to leave!

We were all captivated by the views Italy had to offer and jumped at every opportunity to take a picture to remember the moment forever. Visiting places like Pompeii and
Herculaneum was extremely interesting because although you could vaguely see what life was like before the volcanic
eruption nearly everything was destroyed and what remained was very minimal and it made you wonder what the people of these places went through.

Thank you to all the teachers who made this trip possible, especially Miss Smith for organising everything and giving us an amazing trip full of great memories.

Written by Elizabeth Hickman, Year 11 student.

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