NWHS student president Will Symonds and vice president Megan Robson chair the first meeting of the student cabinet

Presidential Inauguration Takes Place In North Walsham

Posted on: 13th February 2017

A 14-year-old student from North Walsham has followed Donald Trump to be inaugurated President after a close-fought election campaign – and he will now represent the town’s high school students for the next year.

Year 9 student Will Symonds became the first student president of North Walsham High School this week in an election which saw every student at the school cast a vote.  Following his inauguration, he has appointed a vice-president – Megan Robson – and a cabinet, which will work with the school’s senior leadership team.

Cabinet portfolios include Teaching and Learning; Behaviour, Welfare and Safety;; Outcomes; Special Educational Needs & Disability (SEND), Curriculum and Business.  President Symonds has also appointed a special Anti-Bullying task force.

President Symonds styled himself ‘The Asian Guy’ during his election campaign, and in hustings speeches in front of his fellow students he tried to inject an element of fun into the process to engage with his electorate.

NWHS head teacher Neil Powell commented, “I am delighted at the extent to which students really engaged with the process of electing a student president, the first time we have held such an election.  I look forward to working with Will and his team to continue the whole school improvement with a strong student voice.”

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