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Wisepay Statement

Posted on: 17th January 2018

Our catering is provided by an outside catering company called Caterlink. When Caterlink took over the contract, they implemented a cashless catering system.  This system operates with a till provider called Sharp Retail Systems and a pay merchant called Wisepay. Although North Walsham High School has helped with general enquiries and initial set up, the ownership of this system lies with Caterlink.

Unfortunately, in November 2017, the system crashed. This meant that students buying items from the Café were being charged but this was not appearing on their online account. These transactions will be shown on accounts as a minus figure with the narrative “Refund Office Top Up”.

For a short time, one of the tills failed. This meant that to cope with the volume of transactions, some purchases were written down and entered on to the system at a later date. These transactions will appear on your account as “Misc.”. They will not state what food was purchased and will be a total of the transaction and not separated into individual items.

Any transactions shown as “Office Top Up” will be the balance of your account when the system first crashed. This has then been credited back to your account when the issue was resolved. Year 7 students only had this information corrected this week. We believe there were also 15 students missed and this has been corrected today.

During this time, some of the free school meal accounts were also affected. Some were showing they had accrued a debt. This has now been rectified and is back to a zero balance.

We hope this information has clarified the situation for Parents and Carers. If you feel there are still discrepancies on your account, please contact Caterlink using the following email northwalshamhighschool@caterlinkltd.co.uk - please include as much detail as possible. Screenshots would be very useful as they will not have access to your account.

The maximum daily spend of £4 has been added back to all accounts but if you would like a lower amount for your child; please also contact Caterlink on the above email.

We are in contact with Caterlink Head office to get this issue resolved quickly. We believe that all accounts are now correct so please continue to top up your account to avoid debt being accrued further. We understand that the service provided has been less than satisfactory and will continue to monitor this closely.


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