Year 10 Students Visit Parliament

Posted on: 23rd September 2016

On Wednesday 21st September the Headteacher and our two new Work Based Learning Officers, Mrs Hemp and Mrs Lawn took a group of 26 students to the Houses of Parliament for People’s Parliament tour of Westminster Palace.

On arrival the students were split into two groups and were treated to a personal whistlestop tour of the House of Lords and the House of Commons. The tour guides explained to the students how MPs are appointed, what the differences are between the House of Commons and the House of Lords, and they had the opportunity to ask questions. They even got to see Norman Lamb’s pigeon hole and where he sits in the House.

At the end of the tour the students took part in a workshop that was held in an state of the art immersive 360° projection space, where a video of the suffragettes movements was shown for them to see how popular protest has led to change.  Following the video the students were split into smaller groups and told to plan their own campaign and justify their choice of action, presenting their ideas and evaluating the effectiveness of different protest methods. The students chose a range of campaigns from reducing University Fees to bringing back the Death Penalty.

Izzy Duckmanton said “The tour and workshop were really good. The teachers respected us because we behaved well which made it really enjoyable. It’s honestly been one of the best trips I’ve been on at NWHS.

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