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Attendance & Absence

It is the responsibility of the parent or carer to ensure that their child arrives at school on time and appropriately dressed. The law states that every child has the right to a full time education and it is the duty of the parent/carer to ensure that this happens. It is well documented that there is a strong correlation between a student’s attendance and academic achievement. School provides opportunities. Absence robs students of opportunities! Good attendance does matter and students should be encouraged to attend school at all times for the following reasons:

  • To learn
  • To enjoy
  • To be safe and warm
  • To meet and interact with adults (staff) and peers (friends)
  • To prepare for the world of work and lifelong learning.

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This Autumn we are unable to hold a traditional Open Evening event. However, to aid prospective pupils and their families get to know our school we have created the following:

  1. A dedicated webpage sharing information with parents

  2. Videos depicting school life. These will be released over the coming weeks

  3. We will be opening our doors for socially distanced tours. These take place on the following dates and times:

    1. Monday 12th October – Thursday 15th October: 4pm-7pm

    2. Monday 19th October – Thursday 22nd October: 4pm-7pm

    3. Friday 23rd October: 9am-4pm

To book a tour please visit Eventbrite: 

We know choosing a secondary school is an incredibly important decision and we hope what we have created allows you to make an informed choice.

If you have any questions, please do get in contact.

Mr James Gosden