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Students are expected to arrive promptly for the beginning of each school day, to registration/assembly and all lessons. All students must be on the school site by 8.25 am.

When your teacher calls the register, you should be seated quietly in your class room. If you arrive after the start of the school day (8.30am), you will be marked as late and you must register at Main Reception. Being punctual is such an important lifetime skill as it prepares students for the workplace. Two of the main questions asked by employers and colleges when looking for references are about attendance and punctuality.

Parents will be contacted if lateness prevails.

We do understand that at times unforeseen circumstances will make students late for school, parents/carers should phone ahead so that the appropriate registration mark can be used. Being late with no reason after the registers close results in a U registration mark being given. This is an unauthorised mark which affects students’ attendance percentage.