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Sports Kits

Boy’s Sports kit

image001Maroon NWHS Polo shirt


Maroon NWHS Shorts or Black shorts

unnamed 9

Black or Maroon NWHS Football Socks



Maroon NWHS Multi-Sports Top

Indoor Trainers, Football Boots, Shin Pads, Gum Shield.

Girl’s Sports kit


Maroon NWHS Polo Shirt


Maroon NWHS Shorts/Skort or Black Shorts

unnamed 10

NWHS Hockey Socks

Indoor Trainers, Shin Pads, Football Boots.

If students wish to wear leggings they must wear the black NWHS sport leggings, if not plain black leggings must be accompanied by shorts over the top. 

In addition, students may wear Black NWHS Tracksuit Bottoms and the Black Mid-layer Top with the NWHS Logo. These are not compulsory.







Pupils are not allowed hooded items or logo branded items. Kit must be taken to every PE lesson as it is required uniform for this lesson. Failure to comply with kit or participation (without a note from parents/carers) will result in a detention. The PE department will provide clean kit, to be worn by any student who forgets to bring their kit.

New Year 7 students - if you have already bought the old kit, please do not worry. We will be phasing out the old kit over a number of years so it won't be a problem.

There is not a requirement for you to buy new kit if the old kit still fits your child as we are phasing this in over a long period of time.