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Home Learning

Home learning is very important at North Walsham High School and evidence shows that home learning not  only develops good study habits but also, crucially, speeds up student progress.

Home learning at North Walsham High School is set weekly and will take one of two forms:

1)    Knowledge Organiser work. Every term students will receive a Knowledge Organiser booklet. This contains the key knowledge that students need to know for each subject. Home learning will be based  on learning this key knowledge as every lesson starts with a “Do Now” that recalls this knowledge. Alongside this the key knowledge learnt will aid students as they strive for excellence.

2)    Deliberate Practice. Alongside the Knowledge Organiser work, students will be set tasks to deliberately     practise. This could involve writing a paragraph, answering an exam question, practising a drawing or a technique. This type of home learning will ensure that students are developing their skills and knowledge at the same time.

Home Learning is recorded in student planners which they will bring home on a daily basis. Alongside this we  have the platform Go4Schools. More details regarding this platform will be given in September.