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Behaviour Expectations

At North Walsham High School all of our students and staff follow The North Walsham Way. This document includes details about ‘Our Classroom Expectations’ which are as follows:

  • We complete our work to the best of our ability and strive for excellence.
  • We sit up straight, face the front, with our knees under the desk.
  • We listen attentively.
  • We are respectful and kind to everyone.
  • We ask questions relevant to our learning.
  • We do not interrupt whoever is speaking.
  • We do not disrupt the learning of others.
  • We show resilience by working hard on all tasks.
  • We follow all instructions immediately.
  • We accept the consequences given by our teachers.

 To ensure that we have the most successful learning environment we have a clear and consistent behaviour policy (which can be found on the school’s website) which includes a consequence system. Our consequence system allows students to alter their behaviour before consequences such as detentions or removals from lessons to our Internal Exclusion room, are issued.

We also have clear routines in place to support the transition of students from one area to another. These are in place to ensure that North Walsham High School is a calm, safe and welcoming environment for all of our students, staff and visitors. Our transition expectations are as follows:

  • We walk in single file.
  • We walk on the left.
  • We follow the one-way system.
  • We walk quietly.
  • We walk purposefully towards our next lesson.

 To ensure that we maximise our learning time and have successful students at North Walsham High School we have transition consequence detentions in place for students that do not meet our transition expectations.