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At North Walsham High School we always look to reward behaviour that represents our TREK values. This is done in the following ways:

Merits: These are awarded to students both in lessons and around school for significant progress, attainment and for demonstrating the schools core values.

Golden tickets: These are awarded to students in each lesson for going above and beyond expectations. One Golden ticket is awarded per lesson.

Headteacher phone call: Each week the Headteacher will make a positive phone call to the parents of students with the most achievement points in each year group.

HOY award: This is a weekly certificate awarded by the HOY in assembly. Tutors will give their nomination to the HOY with a reason for their nomination.

Reward assemblies: At the end of each term there will be a reward assembly for each year group. In this assembly we will be celebrating the success of our students by awarding certificates, badges and commendations. See the awards below:

  • 100% attendance: This is a certificate awarded at the reward assemblies for students that have had 100% attendance for the term.
  • Milestones: These are termly targets where students will receive a certificate at the end of each term. It is a combined total of students achievement points, including: merits, golden tickets, 100% attendance and HOY awards.
  • Star students: At the end of each term the 15 students with the best conduct score (achievements - negatives) in the year group will receive a reward badge to wear on their blazer.
  • Headteacher commendation: At the end of each term, every teacher will choose their top performing student in each of their classes for either attainment, progress or effort. These students will receive a certificate at the end of term assembly.
  • TREK award: TREK badges will be awarded when students have completed all of the tasks for each one of our school values. Each student will have a printed table in the back of their tutor book that they can highlight when they complete each task to track progress. All evidence of the completion of these tasks will be stuck into your tutor books throughout ┬áthe course of the year.